FAQs – All You Need to Know About Your GBS Test



How do I order a Group B Strep Test Kit?

Just click here to order your free test kit.


When should I do the Group B Strep test?

The recommended time for sample taking is 35 – 37 weeks.  This should give you time to get the results back before your little one arrives!


How much do you charge for the Group B Strep test kit?

There is absolutely NO CHARGE to receive this testing kit (which includes FREE return postage to the laboratory) and you are under NO OBLIGATION to take the test.  This gives you a chance to read through the information in the pack and decided if taking the test is right for you – this is unlike some companies that make you pay for the test kit 🙁    The laboratory charge a fee of £35 to process the test, and all the details of how to make the payment are in the test pack.


How long will my kit take to arrive?

Test kits are dispatched directly from the laboratory by Royal Mail First Class post.  Orders received before 1pm (working days) will be dispatched the same day.


My kit hasn’t arrived yet, what should I do?

If you kit hasn’t arrived in five working days, just drop us an email and we’ll pop another one out to you.


What is in the Group B Strep Test Kit?

Inside the test kit there are two swabs, instructions for taking the swabs, a sample taking instruction sheet, and a payment form, which you complete and return at the time of sending your swabs to The Doctors Laboratory.


What laboratory do you use?

The kits are returned to the The Doctors Laboratory, London (a fully CPA accredited laboratory). The Doctors Laboratory (TDL) is a medically-led laboratory, established in 1987. It is the largest independent provider of clinical laboratory diagnostic services in the UK.


What do you mean by ‘Gold Standard’?

The Enriched Culture Medium (ECM) as described by Public Health England,  is recognised as being the ‘gold standard’ method for detecting GBS carriage, with swabs taken from the low vagina and rectum, which are then cultured using enriched culture media before being plated.


How Reliable is the ‘Gold Standard’ ECM test?

The ECM test, recognised as the ‘gold standard’ for detecting GBS, is highly sensitive. Research has shown that, when the ECM test is properly performed within 5 weeks of delivery, a negative result was 96% predictive of not carrying GBS at delivery (4% of women acquired carriage between the test and giving birth) and a positive result was 87% predictive of carrying GBS at delivery (13% of women lost carriage between performing the test and giving birth).


How do I do the test?

You can get your midwife or GP to take the samples (they may charge for this service) or if you prefer to take samples yourself, this is fine; many women do this, without any problem.  Detailed instructions about using the swabs are in the test kit.


When do I pay the laboratory fee and how much does it cost?

You send payment to the laboratory when you send off your swabs. The inclusive charge for the Doctor’s Laboratory to review your test is £35.00.


When will I get my results?

When you complete the request form enclosed with the sample pack, you will see that there is an option to receive your result by SMS Text Message.  The results are also sent in the post to both you and your medical professional.

Turnaround time for your results is within three working days of receipt of your swabs in the laboratory. The recommended time for sample taking is 35 – 37 weeks.


What happens if I’m GBS positive?

Please tell your midwife/ consultant so this can be noted on your records.  A GBS GREEN message means the result for GBS is NEGATIVE and intravenous antibiotics against GBS infection are not needed. A GBS RED message means the results for GBS is POSITIVE during your pregnancy and means that intravenous (not oral) antibiotics should be offered from the onset of labour or waters breaking, and then 4-Hourly until delivery.


Email Privacy Policy & Use of Data

We respect your privacy and will not sell your personal information to any third party. EVER.  Your data is only used for the purpose of distributing a Group B Streptococcus Kit to you as requested.

We DO NOT send out newsletters and we will only communicate directly with you if there is an issue with your contact details and we are unable to get a test kit dispatched to your address.  We will always act with utmost discretion.  We do not have any dealings with the laboratory regarding results and are unable to deal with the laboratory on your behalf.

Once you have received your test kit, if you want us to remove your details from our database, please contact us and we will action immediately.